Staff Grant Program

Program Description

In order to better meet our school's specific funding needs, Lakelands Park PTSA allocates a pool of funds that is earmarked as grant money. Faculty and staff of Lakelands Park Middle School are invited to submit an application online or download a PDF application for one of these grants to help meet a need that will benefit our school. The PTSA will then evaluate the applications at our first PTSA meeting in October and vote on which ones to fund.

Who Can Apply?

Any member of the LPMS faculty or staff who is a current paid member of the LPMS PTSA can apply for a grant. This includes classroom teachers, specialty teachers (e.g., arts, music, PE), administrators, counselors, secretarial staff, school nurse, cafeteria workers, building services, and so on.  Not a member yet?  Join here

What Qualifies?

Because there are many different things that can qualify for a grant, there are no hard-and-fast rules. But as a general guideline, the PTSA tends to favor things that directly benefit students or improve the overall quality of education at Lakelands Park. Some examples of things that would not typically qualify are: Salaries, human resources (e.g., classroom aides); Landscaping; Tissues, hand sanitizer, wipes, markers, pencils; Staff apparel such as tee shirts; Chachkies.

How much can I ask for?

We have not set a particular limit for any one applicant, and all requests will be considered, however please be mindful that we do not have unlimited resources. The total pool must be shared among all approved grants.  The amount of the pool is determined based on our membership level and Direct Appeal Fundraising success.

How to Apply

Simply fill out the Grant Application (online application or PDF Application) and submit it with all supporting documents to the PTSA President. The deadline for submission is September 30th All applications will be reviewed by the Executive Board who will make recommendations to the membership.  The membership will then vote on the recommendations at the October General Membership Meeting and applicants will be notified of their status.  If approved, receipts must be submitted by May 15th for reimbursement.


Click here to download the Grant Application PDF

(PDF applications should be placed in the President’s mail folder in the main office.)

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